Saturday, June 1, 2013

Smarty-pants Teeth

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Best Reddit Secret Santa Ever

So I participated in Reddit's secret santa this year for the first time. We are supposed to post pictures of our gifts, but i thought this was more appropriate.

To be honest, I had pretty low expectations. Considering the amount of people doing this, I was sure most of them were in it just to get something free and not for the thrill of stalking and coming up with the perfect gift.
I was ecstatic when I got the email that my package had shipped.

So today I get a text from my mom

I leashed up little Banks and drove as fast as I could to my moms house.

I open the package and find

and a mysteriously wrapped package with a note wishing me luck in my graphic design major

Banksy loves the toy

and the treats, he can even shake and roll over!

Then he got tired and decided to lounge with my sister. 

And apparently there's another package on the way! I'll update this once I get it. 
So thank you, Secret Santa, I can't believe that someone could be this nice.